It’s not gonna be “Perfect”!

When the hope is the only ray.

A lot has changed over the past year, 4 memorable years of college came to an end, already switched 1 job and working as a professional developer.

But something huge has changed behind the scenes. Some things which are oblivious to my conscience until I witness them myself.

I’ve come across some realities, the ones which require time, experience and an open acceptance to unveil themselves. So I’ll go one by one defining them and then the crack which I applied. 😛

  1. The picture in our head of our life is always based on ideal scenarios favouring ourselves.
    • Accept : While recovering from a past relationship, I realised that I always maintained my version of the story which would make me sympathise with myself and I would expect the same from others. But all this happened due to my assumption that I am right, I was at no fault, this is not the way things end in life, she might come back after seeing my feelings and endless of them. Thereafter, I started examining the situation from both perspectives and figured out that what I am not ready to do is accept. Accept that it was not meant to be, things don’t end up always your way, it might not bother on same level either side, it was right thing for me too as I got to understand myself better and get my own life back.
    • Life is not fair, works both ways : Sometimes, you crack the rare of the rarest opportunities to put yourself in a comfortable zone and at time this fires back at you. What is important is to embrace everything which comes your way as these experiences are to give you the taste of life, to make you stronger and prepared for the worse and better which are still to come.
  2. Fuck giving a fuck fucking fuck.
    • Don’t give a fuck: The key mantra to have a chilling and relaxed life is to not give a fuck about things which are beyond your control. One of the greatest finding of mine is that a huge block of tension in my head was filled with thoughts which are beyond me. There’s no point in sulking over a broken thread because even if it is fixed, the knot never disappears. Eradicate those mindless thoughts of guilt and you’re a free bird.
  3. There’s no time.
    • Prioritise : It must have been an excuse of the millennium of shortage of time on hand. An attached short video by Arnold gave me the glimpse of the what was wrong with me and still is. I have invested my time in better activities like learning a new technology, a guitar technique or giving (the joy of giving matches to none).
  4. If you’re bored and feel like you’ve no life, then you deserve it.
    • Responsibility : My long term habits of procrastination and unaccountability have harmed me more than anything else. But with experience I realised that our success, happiness, liveliness depends only on our actions, decisions and the capability to take responsibility. It makes you work for yourself and on yourself.
    • Passion/Hobby : There should be a time of day dedicated to self. The one where no one else can hinder it, not even thoughts. For me, it has been playing guitar for a longer period of time now and I hope it never would fade away.

These are just some, the list would take more than one blog. Take away points are that Life is a trade off between these happenings. I’m sure none of us can even balance about 2-3 out of them, at least I can’t. As my earlier blog states Balancing Choices is Life is the ultimate motto, that is what takes us further in our learning and make us better everyday.

Hence, it is not going to be perfect, ever. Simply because we have a wrong definition of perfect in our heads. Change it to “perfect is making a mistake and learn from it” and rest everything will be taken care of. After all, it is all about learning the unknown and waiting for the hidden sunlight to show up.

I’d like to end with a saying that,
“Change is the only constant”.

There’s so much to learn that it needs a blessing to overcome this lag. I hope to keep drawing strength from my wonderful and positive surroundings and learn how to keep from negativity as it is contagious.

Keep Learning! 😀


P.S : Do not forget to checkout video links in the 2nd and 3rd point.

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5 thoughts on “It’s not gonna be “Perfect”!

  1. Hi Senti Taakhi 😀

    Good reminisce.

    Btw, I hope you are not frontend developer. The links couldn’t have been hidden better.

  2. Mohita on said:

    Note : the joy of giving!
    I actually liked ‘If you’re bored and feel like you’ve no life, then you deserve it.’

  3. This is amazing! Very enlightening!

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