Compelling Nights


Elaborating nights is an endless, inexpressible and never justifiable topic. But still I’d like to dig deeper into its darkness with a few straight lines.

Nights, my companion in pain,

with cold breeze over my face, in slow rain.

Unsettling the words not uttered ever,

making veins go high, which otherwise would never.

It sobs with me as my tears roll down,

learning the betrayal, makes us* both go frown.

The irony of it being subtly quiet but dark at same time,

maybe gives us the exact timing of all brutal crimes.

The lonely and scary walks in silence,

feed my demons far from the daily violence.

The power of darkness can never be matched,

because there is none other which silently absorbs all bad.

Though, there will always be light on the other end,

but, what if, dark is whom I’ve made my only friend!

For me, night is when I’m at peak of feeling alive, whether extremely painful or painless.

It is the time when one is oneself.

*us: the night and me.

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8 thoughts on “Compelling Nights

  1. Dude, when did you get on with poetry? I’m impressed! I think, I should write one too, now that its been a while.

  2. “It sobs with me as my tears roll down”… what a beautiful sentence! 🙂

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