Six strings


A little while ago, I was introduced to the six strings, the strings which hold together a deep and unending ocean known as music. “Guitar” is the keyword. The introduction was painful both emotionally and physically for fingers and hands. 😛

But the experience of listening to the feelings hidden inside ourselves through these six companions has been marvelous. They teach that just pitching different strings at different places create different sounds and I realized this is so similar to our lives. It is easy to relate sounds with situations in our lives. Believe it or not, when I’m sad, the fingers tend to play sad sounding chords, and when I’m happy the sounds are different. There are many unexplored places on strings which gives us the feel of being unknown to our future, which maybe high, low or anywhere in-between. I like to think of six strings as feelings of love, confused, happy, sad, angry and afraid.

Many great players (Led Zeppelin, Slash, etc. whom I’ve been following mostly) dedicate their lives to just these strings creating masterpieces admired by millions and billions, but every tune has something common to it, and that is “The Feelings”. The feelings maybe of aggression, love or anything which pops in us, these strings give them a way to flow out of us.

And, for me, I’ve discovered that sometimes our feelings don’t matter to anyone around which is just the case with sounds, it is played either heard or unheard it fades away to silence. Though, we all know that sound once created never dies and so is the case with feelings.

I would like to recommend everyone to trying playing anything on guitar and with the sound to hear, feel it.

P.S: Guitars are of many types with different number of strings (12 strings, 7 string, etc) but I’ve been introduced to standard one. 😛

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2 thoughts on “Six strings

  1. That’s very interesting; relating guitars and life. 🙂 Wonderful post!

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