Good Morning or Good Night!!!

Sunrise from a late sleeper's perspective. :D

Sunrise from a late sleeper’s perspective. 😀

Hey to all….
After a long break from blogging and after going through some profound feelings of disquiet,
I’m back with more confidence and self-consciousness.

“Hey, Good Morning :)”, “yo!! gm ;)”, “gud mrng”… such are the responses we get almost every morning in this tech-savvy world from our friends, closed ones, loved ones, relatives and God knows who not, who prefer to write more than speak.
And generally people respond with the same.

And the reason behind the topic for my this blog is somewhat explained now because generally my response to such wishes is

“Good Night” or “gn”.

Yeah. This is what life has become after joining my college ( #DAIICT ).

After becoming completely nocturnal with some crazy set of friends (whom I like to call as my immediate family), the life feels alive at night.

To clear the clouds, I actually mean that it is always a decisive night and undecided morning; what is the time for people to wake up is my call for a night. This phenomenon is not limited to me but to almost every possible engineer sheltered under the hostel. It is not only studies which keeps us awake ( mentioning studies for the sake of it 😉 ), instead it is the bakar aka bakwas ( insensible late night talks, ideas, plans, unlimited internet surfing to increase knowledge base and entertainment 😉 ) which keeps us going. On a lighter note, it is the social animal in us which comes alive after everyone else than us have lost themselves to sleep. Being nocturnal is both a curse and a blessing, justifying it as a curse is the hangover of sleep every morning and observing early sleepers full of energy and justifying it as a blessing is being socially active, keeping up to date with all the floating information ( important or non-sense ) and sometimes the feeling of quietness, darkness, loneliness and cold breezes acting as a companion. Though, due to many reasons, late sleepers suffer the time lag in the same place relative to the cruel timings of surroundings which forces them to wake up early on important days ( like classes with mandatory attendance 😉 ).

With infinite ideas more to write about in my budding brain, I would like to end my long ago drafted piece signifying the heaviness of dark hours over the light ones in the present world, concluding that only a late sleeper can understand the pains and gains of it and just curse the early risers, because that is something a nocturnal can’t achieve even if he/she wants to. ( unless the situation is highly demanding 😛 )

I hope some would be able to relate and others just need to taste it to feel it. 😀

Please do vote. 😀

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